Contoh Personal Statement untuk Beasiswa S2 (English)

Daftar isi [Tampil]
Jika kamu ingin mengajukan (apply) studi magister di luar negeri khususnya bagi para pencari beasiswa, biasanya kamu akan diminta untuk membuat personal statement yang menyatakan mengapa kamu terkarik kuliah di jurusan yang akan dituju. Personal statement ini bisanya berisi penjelasan singkat siapa diri kamu, alasan ketertarikan, hingga tujuan kamu melanjutkan studi serta akan digunakan untuk apa ilmu yang didapatkan nantinya.

Personal statement harus menceriminkan diri kamu secara jujur
Personal statement harus menceriminkan diri kamu secara jujur

Oleh karena membuat personal statement itu susah-susah gampang, kamu harus sering berlatih untuk membuat tulisan ini dengan lebih baik. Berikut contoh personal statement seorang lulusan sarjana yang mengajuka S2 di bidang teknologi pertanian di luar negeri.
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Ever since I participated directly with local farmers in my country, I realized why becoming a farmer is not interesting for many people. It was not because the dirtiness or the sunshine that they received during work time, but the low productivity of the traditional farming has made it less profitable from a business perspective. Excessive use of fertilizers, dependency on chemical pesticides, and monoculture practices are several reasons why the agribusiness sector in Indonesia is unsustainable, costly, and eco-destructive in general. 

My concern on sustainable and organic agriculture, primarily starts when I conducted a research about SRI (System of Rice Intensification) methods and thereafter I convinced that living soil is a key for healthy plant growth. The most interesting part that I found is the cost-effectiveness offered by organic farming, with the higher price of organic crop commodity, organic farmers do not need to buy many chemicals which are incredibly expensive. In organic farming system, knowledge and techniques to work with nature is more essential compared with material input itself. Therefore, I believe that integrated and sustainable agriculture is a silver lining that can improve agricultural productivity and land revenue as well. Surely, increasing of land revenue will not only affect positively to the living standards of our traditional farmers, but also the national income of Indonesia as one of the biggest agrarian country in Asia. 

Because all of the above reasons, after I graduated, I decided to start my own small scale business in raising earthworms with a smallholder farmer in Bandung district. Growing earthworm is part of the sustainable farming, due to the fact that it produces many organic materials that can improve soil fertility from field residues, moreover, most of the materials involved including the by-products have an economic value in particular. So, I think, this is a good milestone for me to start my journey as a farmer. 

Presently, I got an offer from a startup company to design a combination of integrated farming and housing units which we named “Bandung Agrovillage Project”. This project originated because of the high rate of land conversion of agricultural land to settlement areas in Bandung that has some impact on food security and its environment. 

Accordingly, a comprehensive knowledge about sustainable agriculture, integrated farming and urban farming will be very important for me to learn before finishing the preliminary design and the proposal for this agro village project which is planned to be built in Bandung district. I do really hope that the success of this project will trigger many Indonesian people to become a farmer again, as our ancestors did back in the day.

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